Фасад    Mozart is a boutique hotel and was built in 2015. It is a small exclusive designer hotel that offers a unique style and atmosphere with an individual approach to each guest. The main distinguishing denature of the boutique hotel is its capacity to harmoniously combine luxury and comfort, stylish interiors and comfort of home. That is why when staying in our hotel our guests can feel themselves at home, surrounded by tranquility and warmth.

     The hotel is located in a pleasant area a few blocks from the center of Krasnodar. The advantage of the boutique hotel is its exceptionally favorable location: in the immediate vicinity is the main street of the city Krasnaya (1.1 km), Restaurant “Korallovye Busy” (1.1 km) Bar “Galya Gulyay” (1.4 km), Karaoke : in a pleasant area “Cho –Cho” (1.4 km), Aurora Movie theater (1.1 km), Tabris shopping center (1.3 km), administrative offices, Krasnodar-2 bus terminal (1.3 km), Krasnodar Kuban Expocenter (2 5 km ).

    Boutique Hotel Mozart offers 26 rooms of different categories with individual designs and equipment to make the stay of our guests as comfortable as possible.




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